The Petaluma Tide celebration their championship victory in Arcata.

The Petaluma Tide, an under-12 girls soccer team became league champions on Sunday, Nov. 13 by sweeping the California Youth Soccer Association, Northern California League Championship in Arcata.

The Petaluma Tide went into the tournament with an 8 -1 record, then shut out the Redding Valkyrie 5-0 in the first game Saturday and on Sunday beat Mad River United 2-1.

“I could not be more proud of how these girls played here,” said head coach Seth Campbell. “But I am most proud of how these girls have dealt with situations of adversity throughout the season; they always come out to support one another with dignity and grace no matter what happens. They are not just good soccer players, they are young women of character and that is what is most important.”

“It was thrilling to watch the girl’s hard work and dedication pay off this weekend,” stated assistant coach Remy Gross. “The team came out to win and it showed in the way they played.”

The Petaluma Tide will now train over the next few months to prepare for the Association Cup in January.

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