Creating Awareness of Your Newly Launched Substance Abuse Center

Marketing your new substance abuse center will help you to keep it full and make it financially viable. Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to create awareness. This type of marketing has many elements to it, including SEO best practices, local SEO, content creation, social media and email marketing. Here are some [...]

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Why You Should Never Use the Smartphone While Driving

Hundreds of studies have been conducted across the world and they all agree that the use of smartphones while driving is pervasive and dangerous. Texting and driving seems to be a significant problem, especially among younger drivers. Drivers using a mobile phone are less able to visually scan the road ahead and are slower to [...]

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How are E-Commerce Company Hiring in Times of Labor Shortage

The worker shortage has brought with it several challenges. Blue-collar companies have had to do some serious restructuring to accommodate for the new normal. Many employees have started switching careers due to larger salary increases. Employers looking to retain their employees are being forced to re-evaluate their salary structures. The e-commerce industry has not been [...]

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What’s Better? An Apartment or a Stand-Alone Home

Choosing between a house and an apartment can be difficult as both have their pros and cons. In most cases, living in a house gives you much more space and it comes with a yard which is great if you have a dog. Consult with the brokers from Palm Springs to know what is best [...]

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The Best Jobs for Hunting Lovers

Every job seeker desires to work in a field that suits their interests well, and hunting lovers are not exceptional. The more your job aligns with your hobbies, the more you are likely to experience job satisfaction while challenging yourself creatively to come up with more ideas that will solve problems you are encountering at [...]

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Tale of a ‘Vegan Cowboy’

Petaluma author Carol Treacy draws on her own experiences in new novel.

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Vintage Bank Antiques

There’s a distinct charm in antique browsing and buying in a building that is itself an antique. Built in 1926, the neo-classical revival-style American Trust Company building, now Vintage Bank Antiques, dates to the time when banks were the most important buildings in town – and looked the part. It occupies one of the most [...]

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The Bell House, ahead of its time

In 1990s, SSU professor designed his First Street home with industrial feel, in contrast to trends.

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Bug Deakin brings ‘Salvage’ to Sebastopol

Book launch party for Petaluma icon is Tuesday, Sept. 9, at Hopmonk Tavern.

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Biggest Little Parade returns

For 38 years, the self-proclaimed Biggest Little Parade in Northern California has happily taken over beautiful downtown Penngrove for the first weekend in July. This year is the big 3-9 for the parade, and locals and visitors alike can’t wait to get the annual good times rolling. Kim Hanson, owner of Penngrove’s friendly JavAmore Café, [...]

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