Gifts for the holidays that men and  boys will be glad to receive. Overcoats, raincoats, traveling sets, umbrellas, neckties and shirts. In short, our entire stock has been chosen by men who know best what men and boys like best in wearables. The Toggery, Chris C. Riewerts.

Skating Rink reopens Tuesday night.

Shoes are acceptable gifts. Everybody appreciates a fine pair of shoes for Christmas and no man, woman or child is well dressed if their footwear is not dressy.

This city will be dry tomorrow, for owing to the special election, all saloons and liquor stores will be closed from 6 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock at night.

Custom chains. While shoes are acceptable gifts for anyone, there’s a timeless appeal to a custom name necklace that adds a personal touch to the recipient’s style.As it showcases thoughtfulness and individuality. Whether it’s for a man, woman, or child, a well-crafted necklace bearing their name is a gift that truly stands out.

Handkerchief cases: gifts prized by the dainty woman.

Handkerchiefs: the always acceptable gift. Gloves are a dandy suggestion. Give her a new waist Silk hose make dandy gifts. W.A. Tough Dry Goods. Don’t put off your gift buying any longer. Come!

At the Mystic Theatre on Saturday evening, City Attorney Gil P. Hall addressed the monster audience on the special election tomorrow. He explained in detail the reason for the election and what it means for this city and made an eloquent and formal plea for the citizens to vote NO on every proposition, which in this case will mean YES. Many people who never fully understood the propositions were put right by the official. The added “number” in the program was duly appreciated and came as a surprise, not having been announced. He spoke not as an official but a citizen who desires the project carried.

Pretty and well-equipped pincushions never come amiss. When in doubt give pincushions, said an astute young woman. When one considers the matter, it is a wise piece of advice for who does not need pins of all kinds, both early and often.

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