Facing a big delegation of suffragettes this afternoon, President Wilson positively refused to send a special message to Congress urging votes for women and declined also to incorporate such a suggestion in one of his regular messages. He said until Congress requests it, he could not recommend the House appoint a special committee to investigate the question of suffrage as it now exists in the Senate. The president was so diplomatic the Suffragettes left satisfied he will aid their cause if he gets the opportunity. He based his refusals on the fact that his private views could not govern his actions as a party leader and insisted only what had been considered at the national convention which had elected representatives was subject to his action.

Gifts: Fine envelopes and fine paper in dainty Christmas boxes in great variety. No trouble to give father a present when we can show so many toilet accessories. A dainty perfume is just as delightful a present as the handsomest box of flowers and a hundred times more lasting. Give her something she can use on her toilet table, a fine toilet water, toilet powder or atomizer. To smokers, we suggest one of the prettiest ash trays yet put out, a real table ornament. We have Kodaks that would  be a lasting delight to any boy or girl and one of two dollars will do it. Mother or Grandmother would no doubt, appreciate a good hot water bottle. Come in and let us help you select one of our guaranteed ones. Towne the Druggist.

Seventeen days to Christmas. The beginning of the week is a good time to begin doing your Christmas shopping.

A cranberry and celery salad is thus prepared. Select choice cranberries of good size and cut each in about four slices at right angles to the stem. Chop inner blanched stalks of crisp celery into slices a quarter of an inch thick. There may be equal measures of cranberry and celery but there should not be more of the prepared celery than of the cranberries. Season separately or together. For a pint of material mix a scant half-teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth of a teaspoon of paprika, four tablespoonfuls of olive oil and one or two tablespoonfuls of vinegar. Mix all together thoroughly, pour over the celery and cranberry, mix and turn upon a bed carefully washed and dried leaves of lettuce. Serve with roasts of poultry or veal.

Bargains in violin, accordions, mandolins and guitars at Central Music House. Also special prices on Player Pianos — $50 and up, plus a complete line of Talking Machines.

At Neil & Gray, the quality grocers, Burnett’s colorings and extracts, including Vanilla, Pistachio, Rose, Violet, Anise, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple. Some of the colorings are Fruit Red, Damask Rose, Gold, Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Imperial Blue, Violet, Green and Scarlet. 15¢ or 2 for 25¢.

San Francisco’s 12-year fight for an adequate and pure water supply was finally ended at midnight Saturday when the Senate passed the Hetch Hetchy bill as it came from the House, without amendment, by a vote of 43 to 25. The fight was won against the combined efforts of the power trust, the nature fakirs and the ungrateful irrigationists who broke faith with the city, to say nothing of the San Francisco men who put fees above civic pride and loyalty to their home city.

On Monday, Wire Chief McFadden of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company and his assistants completed the work of installing a long distance telephone and booth at Dreamland for use during this week’s Poultry Show and also local phones. They were installed free of charge by the company which adds to the many kind things the company has done for the poultry show.

On Monday Peter Lee Murphy purchased from Miss Lottie Bourke the William Bourke home place at Howard and Bassett streets, the home being one of the finest in the city. It is understood it is a Christmas gift to Mr. Murphy’s wife. The house is a beautiful one and was built by D.J. Healey and on its completion was sold to Mr. Bourke and is comparatively new and a beautiful modern cottage with every modern convenience and device. It will make an elegant home and has been kept up in perfect condition. Mr. Murphy is very lucky in securing the gilt-edged property, the location of which is unsurpassed in this city.

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