June 30

After two hours of the most desperate fighting, the result of which was decidedly uncertain for the first half hour, the local firemen soon after midnight on Sunday extinguished a fierce fire which gutted the two story brick annex on the Mary Street side of the Washington Hotel building. Had the fire started an hour later, when the people were off the streets, nothing could have saved the entire corner and history might have repeated itself for two-score years ago a fire which started in the old Washington hotel on the site of the present brick structure swept the entire business section. Many lives would also have been lost had the fire started later for even as it was many men asleep on the second floor of the building were roused with difficulty and escaped just in time to avoid being suffocated by the terrible smoke which filled the building.

Spraying Days. Four in One Oil for chicken house, prepared by G P M’Near Co.

Despite the hot weather, members of the Electrical Workers were out in force on Sunday and worked like heroes stringing the lights for illumination here on the 3rd and 4th and they did great work, so that by evening all the lights were in place and in readiness for the turning on of the juice. The lights are suspended differently than heretofore. Instead of being strung across the street at long intervals they are placed diagonally, end to end, so that there will be no break in the lighting and a better effect will therefore be assured. The boys deserve the hearty thanks of the entire community. They are all right, every one of them.

Two new styles of velvet pumps have just been received by express. Some have straps; some are without straps. We can now fit you. Wm. C. Keig fashionable footwear 115 Main.

Dr. J.H. Mazza and Harry Thomas, the local lineman, went down to Schulze Slough after bass Saturday night. The doctor broke all records by landing a 36-pound fish and he was the proudest man in town when he brought the great fish in and displayed it to his friends.

Local people should remember they will be expected to wear masks for the carnival on the evening of the 3rd and it is hoped many will appear in costume so as to have a regular carnival effect. Confetti peddlers will be out in force. The asphalt streets will be scrubbed and washed that afternoon and then closed to traffic. It is hoped the carnival sprit will prevail and that everybody will be out for a good time. The streets will be brilliantly lighted all evening and there will be fun and good cheer. Many are coming in on the electric cars to dance around the block to the music of four German bands of ten men each.

The Fourth of July committee has made arrangements with well-known local rancher Charles Martin to secure a large number of laurel trees which will be used in decorating the business streets for the monster celebration. Members of Engine Co. No. 1 will place the trees along the edge of sidewalks on Wednesday and cxpect to have the work completed in readiness for the Thursday evening carnival.

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