May 12

The baseball game between the Santa Rosa and Petaluma High School nines was not played in this Saturday as scheduled but was postponed until next Saturday as it is stated that the county seat boys had not had sufficient time in which to prepare.

This evening at the Elks’ Hall the first meeting will be held for the purpose of organizing the local choral union and a large attendance is expected. Merchants are especially invited and many have agreed for the objects of this splendid enterprise will be explained to them and they are expected to cooperate.

The race at Kenilworth Park on Sunday was won by Pow Boy owned by Dan McGovern.

At the City Council meeting Monday a We Want The Band petition will be presented, with more than 300 signatures. It is confidently expected the good city dads will do the handsome and grant the request. Therefore, let everybody get ready to attend the band concert next Saturday evening.

LOST – One goat of the ‘mail” persuasion. Finder will kindly place in mail sack and return per parcel post to Santa Rosa. Billy will do the stamping. That goat was gobbled by the Uncle Sammy Boys of the Petaluma post office when the local eggs and the up-country roses mixed things up on the local diamond Sunday in the absence of the regular teams. The score was 10-2 when the last ball was delivered per special delivery and the way those chickens knocked those petals from the roses was heart-racking. There were two baggers, three baggers, male baggers and all kinds of sacks. The Santa Rosa players were “cancelled’ as quickly as they came into action.

Get the steam laundry finish on collars and cuffs at home. Add French Gloss to the starch. In three different flavors: Carnation, Lilac and Jockey Club.

French Pete’s Strawberries. Everybody knows them, everybody like them. They are grown near Petaluma and are excellent specimens of the finely flavored Longworth variety.

There was a large attendance at the Mothers Day Service at the Congregational Church Sunday. Four girls from the Bible school acted as ushers and flowers girls and three other girls united in a responsive exercise which paid tribute to mother love. The Rev. E.B. Hart said, “The best friend that a boy or girl, or a young man or woman, ever has is a mother.”

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