On Sunday morning, bright and early, Mayor Zartman, City Attorney Gil P. Hall, Councilman Stradling and Fire Chief Adams left here in the Kalish auto and made a trip up the mountain  where they inspected the big reservoir on the Lawler Ranch, and the pipelines, flumes and creeks of the Petaluma Power and Water Co. They questioned many residents of the mountains relative to the water supply of this season and the last several years. They found the creeks very low and with but little water flowing. In the big reservoir there was 26 feet, about 1 foot more than this time last year, with but a tiny stream from a spring running into it.

A popular clerk at a local store who loves a good joke had a $10 josh put over on him Sunday and he is getting red in the neck all right but is game and says nothing.

The clerk is sure one baseball fan and accompanied the local team to Bloomfield on Sunday, taking his pet cocker spaniel, Lady, with him. He desired to give her a little respite from the muzzle. Lady appreciated his kindness by invading a poultry yard and killing 19 fine birds. She was easily traced and her owner had to pungle up 10 big bucks for the dead birds before the matter was adjusted. The birds were all fine fat fowl and were brought to town and placed in cold storage. Some night this week the team will enjoy a chicken supper at the expense of the dog’s owner. It is rumored an attempt was made to ring in birds that had been dead a week, but the Petaluman was too wise and sorted them out.

Golden Eagle Junk Co., corner Stanley and Upham. Dealers in all kinds of rags, bottles, sacks, metals, iron. Hides wanted. Goods sold on commission. Horses bought, sold or exchanged.

Wednesday April 30 is Raisin Day. Veale & Neil will celebrate in fitting manner with a special display of the different varieties and special prices. Raisins are delicious when returned to their original form as near as possible. Soak them, simmer them The result will be most pleasing. Fireless cooker gives perfect results. Raisin juice extracted in cooking is simply unfermented grape juice and is pleasing and nourishing to weak stomachs. Visit this exhibit and avail yourself of the real saving to be made by purchasing raisins—better plan to lay in your year’s supply

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