Jan 6, 1913

Newburgh & Co. has the best $1 all-wool serge on Earth.

The steamer Petaluma, heavily laden with freight, came to grief in the narrow and dangerous point in the river at the bend about 200 yards below Haystack Landing during the heavy northwest gale and big runoff Sunday. Swinging broadside, bow to the east and stern to west, she completely bridged the channel, blockading traffic. She was in a dangerous position and many predicted, owing to her great load of freight, she would break her back and be a total wreck. But the vessel proved her staunchness by holding together, and although suspended by bow and stern like a huge bridge, she was but little injured. In fact, only a broken wheel resulted from the mishap and she was released from her dangerous position by the crew and mechanics who worked all night. A big fleet of local pleasure launches was blockaded below the vessel and occupants had to walk to town with their game and paraphernalia. Many thought a dredger would be necessary as her stern was fully 20 feet out of the water. A member of the Argus force walked from one bank to the other on the boat.

Hill Opera House: Interesting, exciting and educational, the mystic wonders and grandeur, the picturesque weirdness, the scenic beauty of Alaska and Siberia faithfully portrayed on six big reels. Over 100 thrilling hunting scenes in the polar regions. Children 10¢, adults 25¢.

Hats off to our nifty Spartans for they won a great game of basketball Saturday night at Dreamland Rink from the strong Oakland YMCA five and although they only won by one point they clearly and gallantly defended their title as champions of the northern part of the state. The visitors were not downhearted over the fact they lost the game as it was an honor for them to lose by such a close score and to a team of such good standing as our Spartans.

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