These cold nights call for Hot Water Bottles, a big assortment to choose from in our stores, all fresh, live rubber and guaranteed $1 to $3.50

Don’t fail to attend the Hermann Sons’ Christmas tree and ball on New Year’s Eve at the Unique Theater.

New crop honey in the comb and strained honey at Peterson’s.

Chatham and Pembroke – two new close-fitting collars at the Wardrobe.

Saturday night was a great night at the Mystic theater and the vaudeville bill was a most enjoyable one, the pictures were great and the music unusually excellent. A new song march, “My California,” composed by Prof. J.L. Elmquist, director of the Mystic orchestra, was played for the first time as the opening number and brought down the house. It has a splendid swing, fine harmony and is sure to make a hit. The whole house joined in the applause and it was a record breaker for a local audience and the composer must have felt gratified with the reception which his composition received.

The Dreamland floor is in fine condition for the dance on New Year’s Eve.

Xmas has passed and you that did not get a pair of those nice warm slippers has an opportunity to get a pair at a reduced price for I have a few broken lot to close out. A.W. Agnew, good shoes, 19 Western Ave.

The Cinnabar Sunday School Christmas Cantata will be held at the Cinnabar School north of this city this evening.

The New Year approaches with bright prospects for the man, woman or child with money in the bank accumulating at compound interest. If you have not been saving in the past do, for prudence’s sake, start the New Year right by starting an account with the Petaluma Savings Bank. 4% interest paid on savings accounts. Resolve to pay by check. When you pay your bills in this modern, businesslike way, you eliminate the risk of overpayment and loss.

Tamales, Enchiladas, Spanish beans. Served at the table or delivered. Family trade is especially solicited. We make our own from the best materials and with the skill of years of experience. Open from 5 a.m. to midnight every day. Cousins Tamale Parlor, 114 Keller St.

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