Nov. 26, 1912

Fur-trimmed Juliets: those classy felt house slippers are here for men, women and children. Wm. C Keig, 115 Main St.

At this week’s City Council meeting, Ordinance No. 80 was introduced, read and referred to the city attorney to be published after his approval. It regulates conducting, carrying on and maintenance of clothes cleaning establishments in the city. It is a very strict and important ordinance and should be read by all when published some day next week.

The latest Columbia Phonograph sound controlling device does not depend on change of needle. All machines are made without horns. Prices to suit any size purse so anyone can afford to buy one. Records are made from some of the best singers in the world. At the Petaluma Music House. 161 Kentucky St.

$850 player piano free for the person who can write “Central Music House Sells Strohber Pianos” in a space the size of a postal card, 3 ¼ inches by 5 ½ inches, the largest number of times. It is not necessary to use a postal card; any kind of paper will do. Answers must be received by Dec. 14. The judges will be well-known businessmen.

Big three-reel special, “Count of Monte Cristo,” the greatest picture ever produced, taken from the world’s greatest novel. made at a cost of $20,000 by the Selig Co at their big plant in Southern  California. No stage production has ever equaled this great picture. At the Gem, Thanksgiving Day, 10¢ to all. Coming Monday, Dec. 9, New York Giants vs. Boston Red Sox, the only authentic moving pictures of the Great World’s Series, showing Christy Mathewson, Marquard and other stars of the diamond in action.

Monday was a lively day along the waterfront. The schooner Eppinger arrived with wheat for the Golden Eagle Milling Company, Geo. P. McNear and Hickey & Vonsen, while the schooners Annie E. Roosevelt and Nettie are in for the Golden Eagle. The Wavelet is here with a cargo of salt for the Golden Eagle. The Matilda is here for G.P. McNear, the Emily Bichard, Evelyn and Robbie Hunter have lumber for Camm & Hedges and the Lizzie Theresa has lumber for the Cavanagh Company.

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