Nov. 22, 1912

Holiday hints: Dainty powder rags may be made of short lengths of fringed Dresden ribbon. A bit of chamois is stitched to the underside of the ribbon and it is with this the powder is put on. A convenient limousine novelty for the lucky woman who owns her own car is something she will be glad to receive on Christmas morning. A large center pocket holds various belongings and the side pockets are for vanity trinkets and handkerchiefs.

Dolls, Dolls – this is Doll Land. Mothers will find the greatest variety of delightful dollies, priced very low. Every child should have all the dolls it craves. Crying dolls $1; droll little Puppy Pippins and Pussy Pippins, $1.25; Puss in Boots in grey and white plush, $1;  Campbell Kids, boys, girls and foot-ball players, 50¢ and $1; Spick and Span Dutch dolls, 35¢ and 65¢; bisque heads with kid bodies, 25¢ to $5. You’ll find a variety of things at the Variety Store, Griesheimer and Huttman, 130 Kentucky St, opposite the post office. Phone 635-J.

President-elect Wilson today refused to permit a photographer to take a snap of him. The photographer snapped notwithstanding, whereupon Dr. Wilson exclaimed angrily, “You are no gentleman. I’ll thrash you if you do it again.” The photographer apologized.

You furnish the girl, I will furnish the engagement or wedding ring, and don’t you forget it. E.I. Camm, the busy jeweler.

One of the great needs of this city is an up-to-date hotel. The present hotels are anything but, old, not overly sanitary and the accommodations are not sufficiently attractive to the traveling public to hold them here longer than necessity compels them. Traveling men go to Santa Rosa and remain overnight, returning to this city the following morning because they find it impossible to secure desirable hotel accommodations. The Argus heard the rumor of a new hotel several days ago. A local property owner has been approached by citizens seeking to interest him in the new hotel proposition. Considerable progress has been made with negotiations.

Dreamland Rink management expects a record-breaking crowd tonight. The preliminary event between the Santa Rosa and Petaluma high school teams will be followed by the big basketball game, between the newly organized Spartans and the University of California’s 145 pound team. With the locals in tip-top shape and every player on edge, fans are counting the time between now and the hour of the game.

Friday afternoon at the high school, Prof E. L. Lippitt played Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” explaining the motif in a splendid manner. Pupils and faculty members were delighted with his effort.

The First Congregational Church cooperates in the celebration of Poultry Show Week in a sermon preached by the Rev. E. Belder Hart on Dec. 1. The subject is“Poultry Raising in Palestine at the Time of Christ.” Fowls were much more members of the family then. The care and food given them and the use which Jesus made of the industry in illustrating his truth will be discussed. The sermon will have for its purpose the giving of interesting information regarding ancient poultry-raising practices and how they served the highest ethical and religious ends.

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