Colonel Roosevelt will not be able to vote for himself at the election. The colonel was so busy campaigning that he evidently forgot to register. (Nov. 4)

At the Mystic Theatre, “Euchred,”  a fascinating story of the Internal Revenue cutter service and a particularly elusive band of Pacific Coast smugglers. At the Gem, “A Mixed Affair,” a swell farce comedy by the Biograph Company. (Nov. 4)

On Monday Wire Chief Tom McFadden of the Pacific States Telephone Company’s local district installed a private long distance wire in the Argus city editor’s office which will be used exclusively for long distance messages on Tuesday night for the election returns. This service will be addition to the Western Union full press service and the regular press service of the Argus which will be received during the entire night. The Argus has made greater preparations than ever before for supplying the election returns and on Monday the wires were stretched for the stereopticon while the big screen was also installed.

Dreamland Rink will open for skating for the winter season on Wednesday. Music will be furnished by the orchestron which was installed on Saturday. (Nov. 5)

Wilson carried Sonoma County handily, defeating Roosevelt by more than 600. (Nov. 6)

Women who manicure their own nails will enjoy one of the new manicure sets with utensils enclosed in a generous-sized buffer. Many sets are carried out in celluloid – politely known as ivory. (Nov. 11)


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