Oct. 14, 1912

We have proof that Coulson’s Egg Food is the most effective egg food on the market. It is a real food, built upon the foundation of supplying the hen with what she uses in making eggs. This food goes right into the egg. It makes more eggs, because it supplies a needed requirement which the hen would have to produce herself if you do not supply it. You cannot afford to let the hen waste time when eggs are high.

Mr. Frank Woolsey has announced the engagement of his daughter Ruth to Ernest Latimer Finley, editor of the Press-Democrat.

Brooklyn Hotel. Board and lodging $5 per week. Fine wines, liquors and cigars. 125 Washington St.

The only 25¢ silk lisle hosiery made: Buster Brown’s darnless guaranteed stockings. The handsomest and most serviceable 25¢ value known. Box of four pairs guaranteed four months.

Housework is drudgery for the weak woman. She brushes, dusts and scrubs, or is on her feet all day attending to the many details of the household, back aching, temples throbbing, nerves quivering under the stress of pain, possibly dizzy feelings. Sometimes rest in bed is not refreshing, because the poor tired nerves do not permit refreshing sleep. The real need of weak nervous women is satisfied by Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets which regulate liver and bowels.

Petaluma and San Francisco are vying to hold the next Women’s Christian Temperance Union convention.

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