Looking Back, Aug. 26, 1912

Owing to the immense crowd at the apple show on Saturday night and despite the fact there were trailers on every train, the electric road could not handle the crowds of people who attended the Sebastopol Apple Show and it was 3 a.m. before the last car reached this city. A special car ran between Roblar and Sebastopol, another between Sebastopol and Forestville and several trains between the show city and Santa Rosa. Many local people went up on the steam road in the evening and returned per electric road. Over 2,000 local folks were at the show on the weekend. Then attendance in the pavilion on Sunday was not as large as expected, many people balking at the 50 cent admission. There has been some talk of omitting the show for a few years owing to the fact that it is difficult to think of new and attractive ideas, but this has not  been decided. Many predict the show will continue.

When the steamer which left San Francisco at 5:15 reached Sausalito on Sunday, there were 49 autos lined up along Sausalito streets waiting for their turn to take a ferry across the bay. The string of autos reached from the ferry depot to the city limits.

Stores of this city will remain closed on Labor Day and Admission Day, marking a general and complete suspension of business. This gives merchants and their many employees two nice little vacations from Saturday evening until Tuesday morning and they will do everybody good and nobody will be the loser in the end.

Hickey & Vonsen: Better coffee is our aim. We have made it a policy to handle nothing but the best. We have Folger’s and Hill Bros. famous steel-cut brands, free from bitter chaff. Also, we have a good quality of bulk coffee backed by our reputation and will mill coffee for free. Teas too are a hobby with us – the real, satisfying teas that cheer you up when things look blue and keep you smiling when eggs are high. We have Ridgway’s, Tetley’s, Folger’s and M.J.B. Tree Tea. Just ring up 338 , tell us what you want and you’ll get it by our swift auto delivery.

The Petaluma Woman’s Club is considering purchasing a lot on Liberty Street from the Vestal estate. The lot adjoins the Kopf property and the home of Mrs. E. Newburgh and will be a fine location.

McNear’s egg food sacks are marked with the figure of a red hen. McNear’s egg food is marked on the mind of every user as a result-getter. More eggs and better stock: our slogan.

Residents will be delighted to learn Miss Amy Stuart Scott, an Australian young lady, is contemplating establishing adult and juvenile dancing classes here. She resided and taught in Santa Rosa for the past few years and is exquisitely graceful in fancy dancing.

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