Looking Back: Sept. 10, 1912

One of the moving pictures at the Mystic, of the Red Cross convention at Washington D.C., is as educational and interesting, and told us more about the famous and much-talked-of pulmonator than one could acquire in a month of reading.

The sum of $3,203,200 was spent by the people of California during the month of August for automobiles, as 2,288 machines were registered and the average value of the automobile is $1,400.

WANTED: A good home for nice pet black male kitten. Apply this office.

Charles Bulotti, the eminent tenor whose rare voice has been heard here on frequent occasions in the past, has been delegated to select the San Francisco talent for the classic entertainment to be given at Dreamland on the evening of the 14th, when the anniversary celebration of Swiss independence will be given under the auspices of the Sonoma and Marin Swiss Club.

Al Jones will appear as Penny Ante, the leading female role of the Elks Club minstrel show. His work in this sketch will easily stamp him as being in the front ranks of emotional actresses along with Florence Roberts, Mrs. Fiske and other noted stars. He brings tears to the eyes of his audience and decayed hen fruit and other vegetables to the arms of his company. (Sept. 11)

It seems a local lady lost a gold ring some time ago and forgot all about it until Thursday, when her husband pulled a carrot from their garden and, lo and behold, the missing ring, set with a ruby and two smaller stones, was firmly installed on the carrot in the position it would occupy on a finger. It is on exhibition at the Grutli saloon where it is attracting much attention.

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