Looking Back: Sept. 2, 1912

Some of the elegant new furniture of the Great Western Power Company arrived on Monday and was installed at the office. It is beautiful and massive.

The gasoline sloop Redwing arrived here Sunday with a big cargo of Lodi watermelons.

The Santa Rosa band was on board the 8:40 a.m. train on Monday, bound for San Rafael and played at the local depot.

The new order closing the post office on Sunday went into effect on last Sunday and, contrary to expectations, few people who called for the mail at the local post office. The matter had been given so much publicity that the people were posted and but few were not aware of the change and therefore no kicks were heard. The whole office force was at work bright and early on Monday and the accumulated mail was quickly distributed.

Geo. P. McNear has developed into a first class weather prophet as well as a phenomenally successful business man. On last Saturday an Argus scribe dropped into the McNear office and asked for something new. “I wish you would put an article in the paper urging the farmers to bale their hya and get it under cover as soon as possible,” Mr. McNear stated. “Everything points to early rains and we do not know how soon the showers will catch us napping.’ The sky was blue and the sun was shining at the time and the scribe forgot the warning. But the rain came inside of 48 hours and it is raining now.

Petaluma Elks Lodge #901 has perfected arrangements for a monster Amateur Minstrel Show to be given in the Hill Opera House Sept. 12 and 13. The local lodge has given quite a few entertainments in the past, all of which have been successful, but this year they have arranged for the biggest and most important proposition of this kind that has ever been seen in this vicinity. The committee in charge has engaged the services of two professional minstrel directors which have come out here expressly for this production from New York. They have rented a carload of scenery and costumes which also comes direct from New York. One of the features of the engagement will be a big minstrel parade and some 50 of the handsomest Elks in town, arrayed like Solomon in all his glory with high hats and long coats will proudly march through the principal streets of the city with bands playing and colors flying. Active rehearsals begin Monday night and the committee is busy rounding up all the available talent in this vicinity.

– Katie Watts

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