July 29, 1912

Herpicide playing cards, the equal of any 25¢ playing card on the market: 15¢ a pack; 2 for 25¢.

The Peoples Auto Stage leaves Roblar 7:15 a.m. for Dillon’s Beach by way of Tomales on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week, returning to Petaluma in the evening. Calls at all hotels before leaving Petaluma and also other parts of town if notified. On Sunday can accommodate 27 passengers. Packages carried and delivered.

There is nothing better for supper than peaches and cream. We can supply you with the choicest of this fruit from Green Valley [Sebastopol-Graton] where it grows to perfection.

The city council has ordered the enforcement of Ordinance No. 25, requiring the trimming to a certain height of all trees at the sidewalks or property line. Failure to observe the ordinance constitutes a misdemeanor and will make considerable trouble for those who neglect the warning. A test case will be made and property owners should be careful, lest some of them will be made the victims. Unless trees are kept trimmed, the new street lights will not be very effective.

Ninety-six percent of the people of this country earn less than $2,000 a year.

On Sunday Ernest Young and Louis Brown landed 14 striped bass while fishing in Schulze Slough. Mr. Young landed a 19-pounder.

Your shoes won’t squeak if they are repaired at the Electric Shoe Company.

Hickey & Vonsen, the Kentucky Street grocers, have taken delivery of a splendid new truck of 5,000 ton capacity. It is now being lettered according to the ideas of the owners so that it will be different from other trucks now in use. The new truck will do away with two horse-propelled freight wagons.

The big tug Glencove, a splendid craft new to this port, arrived Monday bringing in the barge Ella H carrying a big load of fine wheat for Geo. P. McNear, which was discharged at the foot of Western Avenue.

— Katie Watts

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