Looking Back is time travel back a century, taking a peek at what was happening in and around Petaluma, as reported in the Petaluma Argus and Courier newspapers.

Walter Hogan, local poultry farmer, has received word from Missouri that his pen of single comb White Leghorns is at the lead of 126 pens in the National Egg Laying Contest. Since March, the birds have laid 470 eggs in the pen (eggs laid outside it do not count) and Mr. Hogan states he has a splendid chance of winning the $300 and the trophy.

For sale: Within city limits on a pleasant street, a five-room comfortable modern cottage with all conveniences on a large lot arranged for flowers, gardens, fruit and chickens. Mail delivery, free delivery of supplies and an easy walk to the business district. Price: $2,100.

The Continentals of this city lost to the Sonoma team Sunday by a score of 6 to 5. It was probably the best game this season. Not until the last of the ninth were the locals defeated. Boysen pitched for our nine while Jensen twirled for the Sonoma team.

At the Mystic Theater on Saturday, Harry Lancaster, a second Harry Lauder, made a great hit with his songs and dances. Coming after the flat failure of the first act, his turn was indeed refreshing. He is a true Scot and his brogue is not assumed.

The Three Macks saxophone trio slashed out popular ragtime with a volume that raised things and melody that was beautiful.

The skit, “A Night Out,” was well dressed and staged. The best part was the solo “Senora” by the lady of the team, who was buxom but a fine looker and a fair actress.

As for the first act, I will be charitable. The performers were evidently novices and the man frightened to death. He evidently could play the horn but from fear his lips and mouth became dry and he could not get a tone and fumbled terribly. The act was cancelled and on Sunday a bully punching bag act was substituted.

The pictures accompanying the vaudeville were excellent. Will Goehner is now the Mystic Orchestra’s violinist. He plays splendidly and with a trifle more confidence will be a pippin.

– Katie Watts

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