Casa Grande High School’s newspaper walked away with awards in eight of the nine categories this spring in the Write-Off competitions at a National High School Journalism Convention.

The Gaucho Gazette was named fourth of 10 winners in The Best in Show competition, the event’s most prestigious.

“It validates the necessity of giving students a voice and demonstrating the excellent work the high school journalists do,” said instructor Gay Robbins. “Working on the Gazette teaches our students about their rights and responsibilities as journalists.”

Junior Itxaso Garay, 17, said the awards have “inspired everyone to work even harder to take our paper to the next level.”

“I think that it was how controversial our paper can be that really pushed us into the top 10,” said sophomore Keeley Chism, 15. “Our teen pregnancy page was definitely a good representation of this controversy.”

Juniors Gabriella Fleischman, 17, and Camille Gasser, 16, said classmates feel like family, motivating them to improve and grow, and set a good example for the entire student body.

— Jacqueline Harmon Butler

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