Eleven-year-old Dolce Martin-Moreno of Petaluma has been chosen to participate in the Boston Ballet School’s Summer Program. She was among more than 2,400 students from throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia who auditioned for the spots.

Dolce has been involved in dance since she was 3, and has been with the Petaluma City Ballet since she was 4. She is a sixth-grader at Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley.

In Boston, Dolce will study ballet techniques, modern dance and conditioning five to six hours a day. She also will have professional development lectures and the chance to showcase her talent in a final performance workshop.

“I expect that Boston Ballet will not only teach me dance, but also how to take care of my body and health,” Dolce said. “Throughout my future in dancing I hope to learn how to balance school and ballet.

“I know that this is not going to be easy. I’m up for the challenge because I feel this is an important part of my life.”

— Jacqueline Harmon Butler

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