Dec. 9

Select corn popped in fresh creamery butter daily at the big steam popcorn wagon, Main at Western Avenue.

A ball and bat, glove or knife given with every boy’s suit or overcoat at the Toggery.

The sixth annual poultry show of the Petaluma Poultry Fanciers’ Association, the finest and most successful yet, closed Sunday. A big confetti battle at the street fair was a feature of closing night. The Manor Farm won all the special prizes offered by the show people and the California Cultivator for the single comb Rhode Island Red class. M. Duutbernd won for the second time the $50 silver challenge cup for Leghorns. He has to win it once more to own it. The Golden Rule poultry farm won the $50 challenge cup for the second time for Barred Rocks while A. L. Jenkins won for the third time and now owns the cup for White Wyandottes.

An intoxicated man caused annoyance at the French Italian Restaurant Monday morning and after he was ejected several times he returned, finally Mr. Locatelli seized a seltzer bottle and gave the man a good drenching. The fellow used some pretty rough language and as many ladies were passing, an Argus man rang in the police call and in a jiffy Officer Bert Masten was on the scene, escorting the troublemaker to the lockup where he had ample time to dry out and cool off.

Don’t be Mr. and Mrs. Behindhand. Whatever you have to do, get it off your chest and have it over with. Do it on time. This applies especially to Christmas shopping. Procrastination causes trouble in every line but the trouble multiplies for the procrastinator in Christmas shopping. A good deed is increased in power if done promptly. Do Your Christmas Shopping now. Be a Beforehand and you will be popular.

Gregory’s famous Royal Marine Band will be at the Hill Opera House Dec. 11. No music lover can afford to miss this great treat with the great director Frank Gregory and a 20-piece band. All of the members are soloists while Miss Constance Kimball, vocal soloist, will also positively appear and is a wonderful singer. By special request the band will render the ever-favorite Anvil Chorus from “Il Trovatore” with full anvil effect.

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