How to Get a Wall Street Job Right After Your MBA

It would be natural to think that landing a Wall Street job such as financial advisers, investment bankers, and stockbroker is easy. But some of the best jobs often go unadvertised. It is quite possible that a resume isn’t going to suffice and that far more will be required to get your foot in the [...]

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How Playing Sports Provides You the Extra Edge in Your Professional Life

Developing a sports hobby is an important aspect of improving your professional and personal life. You develop your physical fitness and, most importantly, mental health, both of which are important for a person's overall well-being. Engaging in sports gives you a chance to interact outside the work environment and that boosts your networking and overall [...]

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Why Online Stores Perform Good but Never Outperform Physical Stores

Online retail saw impressive growth when Covid-19 began, with many people preferring to shop from home and avoid being in crowds where they could catch it. However, the novelty soon wore off for many shoppers as they realized that they enjoy the shopping experience as much as getting what they buy. Therefore, as physical stores [...]

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Building a Remote Sales Team in Times of Manpower Shortage

A remote sales team has become mandatory in many offices these days due to pandemic transportation restrictions. The clients prefer to talk to the salespeople online rather than allowing them to visit their office directly. Use these proven strategies to develop an efficient remote working sales team that can close deals within the given quotas [...]

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Why Have Small Businesses Failed to Recover After the Pandemic?

Small businesses were hit directly and badly by the pandemic and failed to recover because of the strict rules and the transformed economic conditions. A survey that studied over 5,800 small businesses states the major issue for most small businesses is the failure to maintain savings to meet emergencies. Without backup cash, most companies managed [...]

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How Online Sales Have Boomed and Benefited E-commerce Startups

Even though Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, the virus is still loitering around and e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of the situation, with global e-commerce sales jumping up 4% from 2018 to $26.7 trillion in 2021. Authoritative content ranks higher  A business these days can only expect a boom in sales when they have a [...]

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Dealing with Uncooperative Kids During Homeschooling

Homeschooling is the first choice of several parents after the pandemic, and there is a broad discussion about the topic in numerous patenting forums. The most significant concern most parents have about homeschooling is making their children obey them. It is not easy making an uncooperative kid do homework, learn tables and write pages. Make [...]

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Time to celebrate butter and eggs

Time to put on your yellow and white gear and turn out for Butter and Egg Days.

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Signs of horse-and-buggy days remain

We’re going to explore the last local remnants of the horse-drawn era, a time of livery stables and farriers, horseshoers and ostlers. A time of hitching posts and carriage blocks.

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Up and away in a flying trike

Michael Globensky has been flying hang-gliders and small motorized craft for 40 years

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