May 5

On Sunday a party of 24 prominent locals left here in autos for Armstrong’s Grove near Guerneville where they spent a most delightful day. They took well-filled lunch baskets with them and at noon a repast was enjoyed beneath the trees and another before the start for home . Nothing occurred to mar the pleasures of the day.

Just peep into our window and see the great values we are offering you in SOAP! A special value at 15¢ a box, three cakes, for a few days only. McGuire’s Pharmacy, est. 1870.

From May until September is the best time to plant cactus. Burbank Spineless Cactus is the best green feed for cows, hogs, sheet and poultry. Produces more than double the amount of green feed as kale, corn or alfalfa. Leaves for planting on sale at Cemetery Nursery, A Welchert, prop.

Dole’s Pineapple Juice. The pure juice of ripe Hawaiian pineapples, put up where grown, Dole’s affords an excellent summer beverage. Being absolutely non-alcoholic, it leaves no sting and doctors prescribe it as a tonic of a mild, altogether beneficial nature. 25¢ and 45¢ in bottles.

Temperance drinks, drinks without that false stimulant, alcohol, are coming more and more into popular use. Time was that men laughed at them as “soft,” only fit for women and children. But now, real men, clean, brainy, strong men are large users of them. Notable among them is our Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan, who uses grape juice and serves it on his table for his honored guests to the exclusion of wine. Veale & Neil, quality grocers, can now supply you with the peerless Welch’s Grape Juice, a liquid food, appetizing and strengthening. Drink all you want, there is no danger of unpleasant results, only benefit comes from it.

Brown Daisy Floor Mop. Here’s a dry mop that absorbs the dust – picks it up and carries it away. No scattering of dust and germs, no running to door or window every few moments to shake the Brown Daisy Mop. It cleans and polishes at the same time – floors, linoleums, oilcloths, mattings, etc. Positively will not discolor white baseboards. Cuts labor in half and gives you a dustless, sanitary home. Price 75¢ at The Maze. Convincing demonstration any time you ask for it.

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