A unique method of exploitation of the San Francisco fair has been adopted by commercial organizations of Sebastopol for its annual apple show to be held in connection with the Santa Rosa fair this fall. It is planned to reproduce the grand court of honor in apples, using apples of such tints as to adhere to the color plans adopted for the court.

Pansies! Pansies! Pansies! 25 per dozen. Extra fine imported strain. $1.50 per hundred. Henry Schnable Nursery and Florist, 605 Main Street.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the anniversary of the birth of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and mentor of the emerald isle. Falling in Holy Week, the day was not observed with the usual festivities, although in the larger cities it was observed last week by holding patriotic exercises, addresses, etc. In this city the day was not forgotten, and on all sides were noticed the bits of shamrock, some of then genuine leaves from Old Ireland, while window adornments were in green and emblematical of the day. Years ago when a lodge of the Order of Hibernians was in existence here, splendid observations of the day were held, but of late years there has been no public observance here.

Teddy, the big St. Bernard belonging to H.H. Peck, the death of which was noted in Friday’s Argus was a dog with a history. He was a genuine St. Bernard, purchased as a tiny pup by the late Charles Fair while traveling in the Swiss alps about 14 years ago. He was brought to California and was the object of much attention in San Francisco, receiving many newspaper articles owing to his great pedigree and the rescue work done by his sire. Later Mr. Fair presented him to Mrs. Zoe McCaughern, then Miss Zoe Fairbanks of this city, and she in turn gave him to W.H. Van Marter from whom Mr. Peck secured him. He weighed 119 pounds and was the largest dog in this vicinity and the pet of the whole city.

A complete stock of Colgate’s popular-priced soaps: white clematis, bay rum, brown Windsor, glycerine, imperial lilac, palm olive, almond cream, honey, oatmeal or florizel. 25¢ per box, Clark Drug Co.

Tomorrow’s dessert will be quite different from the ordinary. We have two flavors which you seldom have the opportunity of enjoying, except upon special order. The first is Walnut Ice Cream, made of fresh nut meats, crushed in cream. The second layer is a Raspberry Water Ice, a balance to the rather rich walnut ice cream The third layer will be Vanilla Ice Cream, which you all know is always good. 50¢ for quart if you call; 60¢ for quart packed and delivered. Jones & Co., candy manufacturers, phone 95R.

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