Oct. 20

The first thought in colds: Week’s Break-Up-A-Cold Tablets, 25¢, and Dr. Bishop’s German Cough Syrup, 25¢ and 50¢ at Young-Herold Drug Stores. The Dependable Druggist.

At The Gem today, When Women Go on the War Path, 2-reel Vitagraph. The town goes dry, the deacon goes wet, the women wear the trousers and the men go –well, just come and see what happens. 5¢

Lots of hens but few eggs? Yes that is an exasperating circumstance. Of course, the hens have to moult. But they do not need to moult all fall. Make them get through it quickly. You can do it surely and with considerable financial benefit to yourself if you will give them the right food. Golden Eagle Egg Food is the right kind of food.

H. Reynaud, the local merchant, has completed his tank house and pumping plant at his home on B Street and the new well recently dug is furnishing a splendid supply of fine drinking water. The water is soft, of splendid taste and is cold and clear and he has thrown open his water supply to neighbors and friends. Already they are wearing a path to his place.

It is reported that many of the wells down in the Lakeville region have gone dry and the springs are not running as there is a scarcity of water at present and many of the people have to carry water for miles for domestic purposes and for stock. The people down in that locality want rain and want it badly, according to the statement of a well-known resident on Monday. Water is scarcer than at any time for many years.

When doctors disagree, let them drink Old Gilt Edge and “fight it out.”

Two-fisted Americans appreciate manly clothes that never suggest the molly-coddle. You will look as masculine as a suffragette in Styleplus Clothes $17. They are in the top-notch of style, but it is the style that rings true—free from any false note of pretentiousness. The same price the world over. At the Wardrobe, Main Street.