Among the award winners at the Heritage Homes of Petaluma 2013 Preservation Awards was a roof restoration  (see more)of a 89-year-old Craftsman bungalow on Keller Street home, as you can click to see here, owned by Zack and Tiffany Matley and located in the Oak Hill-Brewster Historical District. According to the city of Petaluma’s preservation guidelines, “Almost every building in the district is important in contributing to an unbroken tapestry of pre-1925 structures, nearly all intact examples of their various styles.”

The award was given for the home’s new roof, done by Petaluma’s Wedge Roofing. The original tar and gravel roof had been overlaid many times since 1924. When it was inspected in 2011, Wedge discovered leaks, deterioration of wooden structural components and sagging rafters. There are roof repair services in Colorado by Overhead Roofing Of Denver. Because there were no gutters, rain poured off the corners and eroded the earth around the house – these area also the signs you need to call up a roofing contractor 

The challenge was not just to replace the roof, as you can see the website, but repair its support structure and preserve the original look. Rafter tails and knee braces were protected, and the needed gutters were added.

Other awards given at the mid-September event included recognition of the restoration of two commercial buildings: 110 Kentucky St., now home to Yoga One and undertaken by owners Elias and Gina Husary; and 172 Petaluma Blvd. North, now known as the Tyler Building, which had been damaged by fire. The building is owned by Andrew and Tiffany Tam and houses Old Shanghai.

Residential awards of great merit went to Justin and Jennifer Dierkhising for restoration of their Walnut Street home and Ernie and Debra Ongaro for their continuing work on their home on Prospect Street.

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