An auto outing party whose names were unfortunately not learned, arrived here on Monday morning, northward bound. They had a fine outfit and had with them a bulldog valued at $8,000. They gave local people the name and pedigree of the animal – which is a famous prize winner, but unfortunately those told did not remember when asked by the Argus reporter. The dog’s teeth were filled with gold.

Summertime is picture-taking time for the amateur photographer. You simply press the button and we will do the rest. It is much cheaper for you and you will get photos with the professional finish. Often we can save a negative which an amateur could not print from. You’ll like our prompt service too. Salb, photographer, successor to Brady’s, 170 Main St.

Walter Learn stated to an Argus reporter Monday morning the report he is to discontinue his pool room and bowling alley is incorrect. He is at a loss to know how the rumor started.

At Smith & Foster’s Sanitary Grocery: all brads of soap, 25¢; dirt cleaners, large size, 8 cans, 25¢; peanut butter, strictly fresh, 1 pound, 15¢; bacon, fancy, pound, 25¢; crackers, large wooden boxes, each 50¢. Main and Washington streets

The new satin midsummer hats. Prices reduced. Select assortment of auto bonnets and auto veils. Grace Guernsey. 158 Main St.

At The Gem, one day only, July 24, Alone in the Jungle, an amazing romance of life in South Africa in two reels. Did you ever see a lion swim? They never do unless in an incredible rage, and this is only one of the many thrilling effects in the great production. Also on the bill: Cutey Tries Reporting, The Shadowgraph Message and Pathé Weekly news.

The new City Council passed a traffic ordinance stating all livery autos using public streets for stands shall provide their cars with pans to catch and retain oil and gasoline drippings. Councilman Torr brought up the matter of the unsanitary condition of the Mecham Fountain and the need of a fresh coat of paint. The matter was referred to the buildings and grounds committee.