May 26

Under the shade of the beautiful trees at Oak Park, a large number of the members of the Woman’s Club met Saturday and enjoyed a delicious luncheon after which Mrs. Madison gave a list of the subscriptions for the building of the proposed new club house. Mrs. Evancovich favored the assemblage with several vocal solos, while Mrs. Coleman in her usual inimical manner gave a reading entitled The Farmer and The Wheel: or The New Lochinvar,  followed by Mrs. Casey’s Girl.

Toilet paper, rolls or squares, one week special – 7 rolls for 50¢

White satin pumps with dainty rosettes are here ready for the gay graduation functions in the new shapes. Also black satin, black kid and black velvet pumps suitable for dress occasions, all with chic black bows. Ricci’s Shoe Store, 154 Main.

Baseball fans! Keep score with an Argus scoring tablet. Clip this ad and bring it with 10¢ to the office and get a Celluloid Scoring Tablet that registers hits, runs, errors outs and innings for both home team and visitors. Add interest to the game by keeping tab on the plays.

Each and every sack of Golden Eagle Flour that you buy has been tested and tried and found to be just right. It simply must make good bread for you. If you have trouble with your bread, kindly let us know and we will advise you how to succeed. Golden Eagle Milling Co.

Grace Newton, the sweet-voiced, fair-faced singer who delighted the crowds at the Mystic Theater on Saturday and Sunday is a native daughter of this city and this was her first visit here since she left as a babe. Of course, young as she is now, she does not remember this city although she has heard much about it from her relatives. She made a splendid impression and received a splendid reception and this was due to her own ability as few if any in the audience knew that she had ever heard of Petaluma so her reception is the more appreciated as it was not inspired by any sentimental reasons.

The big launch belonging to Holm Bros which was stolen Saturday from its moorings below town was located by police officer Bert Masten Monday, hidden in a slough below the Haystack. The thieves had evidently tried to operate the engine but the gasoline tank was empty and they no doubt hid it, intending to return after it or else abandoning it entirely when they found they could not utilize the craft. It was in bad shape, but the owners are glad to get the boat, which is valued at over $500.

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