May 19

The first band concert of the season was rendered on Main Street Saturday by the Patriarchs Militant Band of 22 pieces under the able direction of Prof. Louis Knell and the streets were packed with people, who made it a very dressy affair. The stores were all open and brightly lighted and it made a brilliant and lively scene. The band has greatly improved and the harmony is fuller and better than ever before. Next Saturday’s concert will be rendered on Kentucky Street.

National Vacuum Cleaners, a $10 value, will be distributed to readers old and new by agreeing to subscribe to the Daily Argus for 6 months at regular price, for only $3,95. Telephone 51.

The Steamer Gold was raked by the boom of an unknown schooner while coming up the river Saturday and her forehouse was badly damaged and flag staff broken off. As soon as she reached her dock, carpenters were put to work so when she left here Monday on her regular San Francisco trip, things were in good shape.

On Saturday, well-known rancher Americo Bloom of Chileno Valley, arrived here from San Francisco with a fine new five-passenger Henderson Deluxe model touring car, the first of its kind in this city.

J .W. Horn exhibited on Monday samples of oats now growing on his Two Rock Valley Heights subdivision, which is the finest sample of grain grown around here for many years. It stands about 4 feet tall, fine stem and large full heads of grain and absolutely free from weeds or any foreign matter. They have now about 450 acres of these fine waving fields of grain which should yield from 2 to 3 tons to the acre and never have the crops looked better in the Two Rock Valley than now, especially on this choice tract.

Introductory sale. Triangle electric irons. For one week, commencing Monday, May 19. The heating element in these irons is guaranteed forever. If it proves deficient at any time, we will replace it free of charge. Regular price $3.50, sale price $2.65. Rex Mercantile Company is the sole agent for Petaluma.

The early breakfast when someone has overslept, or for those who have but little appetite in the morning, calls for a delicious beverage. Coffee and rolls often become monotonous. Try Borden’s Mated Milk in the square package. It’s just the drink for such occasions. Consisting of rick creamy milk with extracts of wheat and barley malt (in powdered form and non-alcoholic), it pleasures the most critical and affords satisfying nourishment until the midday meal.

That Man Healy! The Horseshoer. Lame and interfering horses a specialty. No extra charged. R Healy, No. 9 Third Street.

Dangler Wick Oil Stove, clean, more heat for less oil, does not burn wick, glass tank, it’s better than the others – a satisfactory substitute for gas. Two burner stove $8.50.

The only reason you make your Sunday dessert at home is economy. Figuring butter and eggs and all the other ingredients of an average dessert, the fuel and labor and time and worry and risk of failure, do you believe you can make a dessert for eight people for half a dollar? We use the best of everything and these weekly specials are as pure and wholesome as anything you could make in your own kitchen. Tomorrow’s dessert will be: chocolate ice cream, orange water ice, vanilla ice cream. 50¢ a quart if you call at store.  Jones & Co, candy manufacturers.

The price of extra ranch eggs advanced to 20¢ in this city Monday. Local dealers continue to meet the SF quotation. The price of select pullet eggs held steady at 15 ½¢

F.A. Fresler who is traveling this month in the interest of the Petaluma Incubator Co. arrived home with a splendid specimen of horned toad, which he picked up several days ago in the streets of Kerman. He has the reptile quite tame and carries it about with him. It is a splendid specimen. He has a string tied around the neck of Mr. Toad so he can trace it when it buries itself in the sand. The freak is on exhibition in the Chamber of Commerce office.

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