Tonight and tomorrow night the “Divine Sarah,” Miss Sarah Bernhardt, will appear at the Hill Theater – not in person, of course, for the real Sarah is now in the middle west, but as lifelike a Sarah as the finest photographic lenses can produce, in her greatest success, “Queen Elizabeth,” Of her millions of admirers, only a small percentage have seen her. For those who may not have the opportunity, there has been supplied a substitution which many declare is almost equal to the woman herself – the motion picture production.

Saturday, Jan. 25 was the first anniversary of the Mystic Theater and a capacity house greeted the splendid program. The occasion was marked with nice improvements, one of which is a larger screen, allowing the use of a larger lens giving larger pictures. The pictures were never better. The Edison reel showing the proceedings incident to the launching of the new U.S. dreadnaught New York has never been excelled and was worth a dollar of anybody’s coin.

Jan. 29, is Carnation Day, the anniversary of the birth of President McKinley.

State senators waxed wrathly over a resolution that new desks be purchased and that they be made in the state prisons. The vote was 32 to 2 in favor of throwing away the present desks, which have been in use the last 25  years.

C.H. Hamilton of the Hamilton Poultry farms on I Street Extension has rented the space in the Cowen Building on Kentucky Street formerly occupied by Naughton Millinery, to open an egg depot. Mr. Hamilton is one of the most extensive egg dealers in the city and only last Saturday made a big shipment of eggs to Alaska. His home, formerly the Ross place, is one of the city’s  showplaces. He has done this city great benefit by the splendid manner in which he advertises it.

Why did you give up cycling? Honest – wasn’t it because you enjoyed it so much you overdid it? Too many “Centuries!” You went stale. Now it’s more fun than ever, for roads and bikes are better. Wouldn’t you like to skim the miles gain with no conscious effort, feel the wheel jump ahead as you throw in extra leg muscle, just from exhilaration, to gulp down more of that country ozone? Drop in and study the good points of an Iver Johnson, absolutely the finest, sturdiest, smoothest running wheel made. Built like a bridge. Trust the Truss. We sell it. Ed G. Schulze, 8 Washington St.