Petaluma’s three Copper Kids – Zac, Jacqueline and Chloe Copper – are singing their way through the holidays.

The bilingual siblings are visiting retirement communities, singing to and with residents and their families.

Zac, 15, Jacqueline, 13, and Chloe, 12, attend Cherry Valley Elementary and Petaluma High and have also produced two CDs. “Friends in France: French Sing-along,” offers an easy approach to learning French. A second, out in time for the Christmas season, is “Paulette’s Noel: A Yule Log Tale,” about an adventurous American girl and her younger sister, Simone, and their quest to find just the right gift for their French grandmother.

The Coppers’ goal is to help fund language programs in the schools through the sale of their CDs. “A second language is enriching and important,” they believe, “and it needs to start at an early age and be available in all schools.”

The CDs are available at

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