At St. Paul’s Episcopal church at San Rafael Monday morning a very pretty wedding took place when Thomas McFadden, the popular young wire chief of the local telephone exchange, led to the altar Miss Clarise Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Carter of this city. The bride, up to Sunday night, was one of the young ladies of the local telephone exchange. The couple met amid the wires and the friendship thus formed ended in the happy nuptials.

The new street oiling machine was hauled to Sixth Street Monday morning and in the afternoon, under the supervision of Mr. Tomer of San Francisco, the work of oiling the street commenced. The men will work on the block between C and D streets and the street committee of the city council and Street Superintendent Shaver are eagerly awaiting results. This is the first experiment in this city with it. The entire street will be oiled and when completed will be one of the finest in the city. A big crowd watched the operation. The street oiling machine is a large and complicated contrivance.

Buy it in Petaluma: Save yourself money and build a better city.

Sunday was one of the greatest days for commerce along the local river in the history of the new Petaluma and the many local people who were yachting, launching or fishing along the stream between this city and the Black Point drawbridge state that they never saw so many vessels in port at one time. The arrivals numbered over 20 vessels and as there were also many departures, the river was lively with vessels. Tugs, barges, schooners and steamers contributed to the scene and it is to be regretted that moving pictures could not have been secured to show the world the great importance of the local stream.

Pet McClave, the famous Buff Orpington, has come to life at Sacramento at the state fair and at present, according to dispatches, she is valued as $2,500. As everybody around here knows the famous bird which was christened in this city by Judge McClave, there is no use in rehearsing here career. Pet is one great advertiser.

Last Tuesday afternoon the owners of the Two Rock townsite closed a contract with Giggey & Durst for the grading of streets and the laying out of the Two Rock townsite. On Wednesday morning, the contractors started the work. The location fronts on the Petaluma & Bloomfield roadway and extends back into the Nisson property in an easterly direction. Lots will be offered at a very low price to encourage the proposed electric line and for the general good of the enterprise. Two Rock Valley is one of the richest sections in southern Sonoma County and the  building of the electric line means the valley will be rapidly subdivided and sold off to small home seekers. The streets are named after property owners in the immediate section: Denman Avenue, Nisson Avenue, Hinshaw Avenue and Boysen Avenue.

– Katie Watts

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