Aug. 15, 1912

On Monday afternoon, the total enrollment of pupils in the grammar and primary schools was officially 737, a record breaker for the opening day. Heavy enrollments were also noted at the Pepper Kindergarten and St. Vincent’s Academy.

Local dealers offered 24½ cents for first quality eggs in this city this morning, one-half cent higher than Saturday.

On Sunday, Peter L. Murphy, while on a ranch near this city, killed a jack rabbit at full jump with a revolver. He took two shots, the first breaking a hip of Mr. Bunny and the second killing him. The young buck is on exhibition at Mr. Murphy’s Palace Market with the 117-pound deer killed by R.S. Brown.

Success consists in making a good appearance. Have the Panama Parisian Cleaning & Dye Works start you on the road. 14 Fourth St., in McNear’s new building. Phone 434.

Owners of talking machines will do well to call at the Petaluma Music House and hear some of these fine records. 10 inch size, two sides, 65 cents. 12 inch, two sides, $1. Those who love good music, cone and hear the following: Nos. 5389, 5891, 1152. Owners of player pianos will do well to call and hear some of the 88-note “Rhythmodik” music played by hand. Don’t fail to hear “In the Shadows.”

– Katie Watts