The Week in Petaluma: April 1 to 7

Music, more music, dancing, art and computer design.

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The Week in Petaluma: March 26-31

Painting, back pain cure, egg hunt, mad hatters and wildflowers.

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The Week: Opera to art to poetry and back

Imagine your teenager on spring break, taking art classes. Picture yourself attending a production of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni," followed by a spaghetti and wine dinner. You could pick up some amazing things for a song, in the name of education.  What if you could spend an afternoon tasting the ultimate in cheeses and food pairings [...]

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The Week: From jazz to art to self-publishing your book

Your next memorable outing can be right here in River City.

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The Week: Banjos, buildings, gardening and literacy

That's a lot for one week in a small town.

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The Week: From belly dancing to building a boat

It’s all there for the taking Feb. 26-Mar. 4. Help yourself.

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The Week: From ‘locavesting’ to a brass band parade

Learn the power of “locavesting” to support your local food system … March to the Mojo, Gumbo, Creole beat … Feast your eyes on local art depicting life when jazz was king…Get a jump on Spring Fever at a romance-themed poetry reading … or gaze upon art depicting the power of the fairer sex. The [...]

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The Week: Art, jazz and heroic American women

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.” -- Mark Twain Here are a just few of the opportunities Petaluma has to offer; and you don’t even have to own a white suit or floppy bow tie to participate. Experience art, sculpture, jazz, American women as heroic figures [...]

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The Week: Flapjacks, Tai Chi and ‘The Thin Commandments’

Help make a local local high school track sprintable, find out what drives America’s obsession with thinness, learn some tricks on your trusty computer, check out what Tai Chi is all about (it’s not Karate) or finally learn know how to work the digital camera you got for Christmas, 2010. Help fund the Casa Grande [...]

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The Week: Art tours to square dancing

As Sigmund Freud said, “Culture is roughly anything we do and the monkeys don't.” So with that as your guideline, you can chase any degree of enlightenment you feel the need for, right here in Petaluma. From art tours to square-dancing…the world is yours for the taking. The annual Love of Art progressive art and [...]

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