Enduring Friendships: ‘They’re our friends’

Friendships can transcend death – the story behind Walnut Park’s Vietnam Memorial plaque.

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Patriotic Displays: Let Freedom Ring

Amid fireworks, pealing of bells lives on as July 4 tradition.

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Colleen Richardson, Doll Doctor

From The Doll Mercantile at 1510 Bodega Ave., Colleen Richardson brings family heirlooms back to life and makes new versions of antique favorites.

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Jeff Lyons, a funeral director for the times

Have it your way when it's time for closure: green, at home, for your pet, with a video tribute.

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Forrest Lesch-Middelton makes an impression

Petaluma artist draws national attention for his Middle East-inspired decorative tiles.

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Redwood Highway: Petaluma’s plain side of town

Bay Area travelers often landed in Petaluma and continued their journey north past the hatcheries, schools, auto courts and mills that kept the town running.

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First, learn to love yourself

Therapist Michelle Minero shares her knowledge about eating disorders in 'Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works.'

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Gabby Salinas follows her dream

Teachers helped Gabby believe in herself. Now 24, she is studying to be a Registered Nurse.

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Petaluma lights up for the holidays

See your neighbors' decorations in this photo gallery.

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United Anglers fulfill the dream

The United Anglers of Casa Grande celebrate three decades of acting locally, bringing back Petaluma’s Adobe Creek from near-extinction.

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