Roof maintenance is an important aspect of taking care of any residential and commercial property. Conducting preventative maintenance on the roof prevents major structural compromises that require full-scale renovation work. In the long run, you save a lot of money from maintaining your property’s roof and prevent safety hazards from materializing into an incident. Unfortunately, not all homeowners understand how to conduct roof maintenance but Toronto handyman does. What are the basics of maintaining a property’s roof?

Cleaning the roof

Cleaning a roof seems like a mundane task, but it is the first line of defense that prevents significant damage. Investing in a pressure cleaner and safety tools for roof cleaning is important for roof maintenance. While doing the routine cleaning, be on the lookout for any loose elements or rusted fittings. 

If you find any damage to the roof, document it and reach out to Colorado roofing contractors for a professional assessment. Additionally, cleaning the roof removes algae that could grow and cause damage over time.

Remove potential hazards

Overhanging trees, chimneys, and other objects over the roof might be potential hazards that need to be closely monitored. Regularly check on overhanging trees and determine if their growth is a safety hazard to the roof. 

Ensure the trees are not directly hanging over roofing to avoid damage that could be incurred if a storm strikes. Check if chimney bricks are not loose and that no objects threaten the roof’s structural integrity. Remove any potential hazards immediately to keep the roof safe from foreign objects that can cause damage.

Repair leaks

There are visible signs of roof leaks that homeowners must pay close attention to. Any discolorations on the ceiling or water drip marks on walls indicate some roof leaks. Alternatively, checking the attic is a good maintenance habit to identify any leaks that need to be repaired. 

The trusses, insulation, or other roof elements might have tell-tale signs of leaks in the attic. Isolate these leaks and determine their cause. If it is a minor issue, get roof leak repair kits and patch it up before it gets any worse.

Periodically arrange a professional inspection

In addition to the inspection, you conduct yourself, periodically arrange a professional inspection with roofing experts. Professional roof inspections can bring to light any issues that you could have glossed over. If a roof has fixtures like solar panels or skylights, roofing experts definitely have to inspect it more frequently. 

After the inspection, any major damage will be noted, and a renovation project can be initiated whenever necessary. Penthouses and any commercial property also require professional inspections more than residential houses.

Clear out gutters

Gutters seem like they are independent of the roof, but this building element has a major effect on a roof’s life cycle. Since gutters are fixed onto the roof, when they overflow due to being clogged, the water seeps into the roofing. 

From then, the water damages roofing trusses and any metal components by rusting and rotting any elements it comes in contact with. Although cleaning out gutters is a disgusting task, it can extend the roof’s life cycle by a few years when done regularly.

Roof safety basics

The basics of roof safety are fall prevention, especially if you are working on top of apex roofing. There is the risk of slipping and falling, especially under wet conditions. To prevent this, mount a roof harness anchor point to safely harness yourself when conducting roof maintenance. 

Wear slip-resistant boots and a hard hat with a chin strap. Be aware of your surroundings and conduct a job hazard analysis before going up to the roof. Ensure that the ladder you are using is safe and all the rungs are intact before going up the roof.

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