In Europe, sports receive great attention from the governments and the people. Many world-class stadiums have been built across different nations, making sports a great culture. No wonder Europe is home to most of the iconic stars in sports that are celebrated worldwide.

Are you a die-hard supporter of sports? If yes, you probably have a favorite stadium where you watch your favorite team battling to win. Maybe you have visited the stadium before, or you dream of visiting the stadium in the future. Here are the best sports stadiums across Europe fans must visit.

Old Trafford

If you are a fan of Manchester United, you must be very familiar with Old Trafford. It’s one of the most iconic football stadiums recognized not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world. This stadium, famously known as the Theater of Dreams, was built in 1910 and can accommodate around 75,635 spectators. Most of the games it hosts are featured on platform.

Just like any other stadium, Old Trafford has a rich history of hosting one of the most iconic games and teams in Europe. It’s built with fantastic corner areas that offer a great aerial view from the stadium. The best views can probably be found in the South Stand in this stadium, but if you are interested in atmosphere views, then the West Stand is the best.

Celtic Park

Celtic Park is the biggest sports stadium in Scotland, with a seating capacity of around 60,000. It’s designed with a rectangular shape to create an enclosed atmosphere for watching games. Watching an Old Firm derby at this stadium features high on the bucket list for most sports fans.

Even in the absence of great matches, Celtic Park lovers have continued to create spine-tingling atmospheres whenever young teams are playing. Most fans of the Celtic Football Club refer to this stadium as Paradise.

Just like any other sports stadium, Celtic Park used to be one of the greatest concert venues. If you are looking forward to experiencing the best of the Scottish football tournaments, then Celtic Park is a great venue that will never disappoint.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena was built with the 2006 World Cup in mind. It’s one of the glorious examples of the modern-day stadium that most sports fans can’t afford to miss. The distinctive features of the lighting from the outside are a clear depiction of great German engineering. Indeed, it’s a perfect setting for the 22nd century.

Allianz Arena is a renowned landmark in Munich for being home to the famous FC Bayern Munich football club. It’s the first-ever sports stadium to feature a full color-changing exterior with inflated ETFE plastic panels. The uniqueness of this stadium makes it top on every sports fan’s bucket list.


When this stadium opened in the year 1884, Everton was the first major team to play on it, but it later became exclusively known as the stadium of Liverpool. Liverpool is one of the greatest teams in the world that has the best players. Maybe the efforts of the players is what fans love this stadium for.

Reports suggest that the current owners of the Reds wanted to build a new stadium, but they gave up later due to reasons best known to them. However, it’s not one of the largest or the most beautiful stadiums in Europe.

Anfield has a rich past that makes it a special place to visit. Anfield is home to some of the greatest players and managers in English football. It can accommodate around 53,394 fans.

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