The development of streaming services like Netflix is straightforward as long as you have a good guide and capital for implementing the plan. In this case, you have to understand how Netflix works. Streaming services are about how you will embrace the target audience.

That’s the only way to make the streaming service earn a lot of revenue like Netflix. It would help if you also aimed at creating a company that can scale upwards in the future. Here is a guide on how to start your streaming service like Netflix.

Find reliable niche

Finding something reliable is not about what you always find interesting. For business, you have to find a reliable and promising niche shortly. Otherwise, the business activities may cripple down and lead to the closure of the streaming service. That involves deciding the content that the app will stream to the target users.

Entertainment streaming services are among the best niches that you should aim for. Ensure that you offer live streaming on sporting activities watched by most people across the world. This might be of great help, especially to sports lovers who participate in MyBookie events. It will help them understand the situation better and find the best values.

Decide on content availability

Like Netflix, you have to ensure that your content is based on your on-demand streaming services. In this case, you have to make a proper decision on the kinds of videos you will make or use the available ones from other distributors. In the case of cooperating with other distributors, you have to get a license for public performance.

You can rent the movies from the authorized distributors with the license or contact the copyright owner. Ensure that you work with well-established companies famous for their videos in the market because that will lead to more subscriptions to your service over time.

Choose the monetization method

Monetization means turning streaming services into revenue-generating platform or service. There are different methods of monetization that you can apply to your streaming service to earn a considerable amount of income. Pay-per-view is among the best straightforward monetization schemes you can use for your streaming service.

You can also run ads on the streaming platform and charge all the companies that run their advertisements. This works better if the streaming platform becomes more established over time. Lastly, you can use a subscription strategy like Netflix by charging a monthly fee for users to access the content library.

Balance performance characteristics

For the streaming service to function effectively, you have to balance the video streaming app requirements. This includes internet speed, impacting the platforms’ ability to stream on-demand videos fast. You have to keep in mind that the minimum internet speed for streaming standard definition movies is about 2Mb/s. Broadcasting an HD or 4K video requires a much higher internet speed.

There is also a need to adopt cloud hosting and computing architecture as they are flexible and automatically increase the amount of space. These platforms also allow quick access to the content by the customers, and they are relatively cheaper than the hard drives technology.


The level of security determines how the streaming service’s content will be protected from unauthorized access. You can consider a network background that provides 24/7 monitoring and content availability even in server failure. Token security options may also be another great option as they prevent access to third-party videos illegally.

Domain restriction should be prioritized as it locks the content to a specific domain, making it impossible for the users to see the embedded link in the source code. There should also be geographical restrictions due to the licensing agreements.

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