Poor physical fitness and dietary habits are not only harmful to employees but are also a drain on an organization’s resources. Employees with poor nutrition are susceptible to lethargy and generally lack motivation at work with low productivity rates.

Unhealthy eating habits and obesity are the causes of frequent illnesses that in turn lead to an increase in sick days off work. Corporate workers must drop unhealthy dietary habits and poor physical fitness for their wellbeing and the success of the organization they serve.

Distracted eating at the desk

A common eating habit in the office, especially among the younger employees, is eating while working at the desk. A cheese-laden burger in one hand, a mouse in the other, all concentration on the computer monitor, and biting absentmindedly. The result is that you stuff your body with junk food without registering mentally whether you ate or not because you did that impulsively.

Impulsive eating poses health risks, including obesity and high cholesterol and corporate workers must learn to eat with discipline. The employer can engage a corporate catering service to offer an office lunch program for employees with a regulated break. CaterCow, a professional online office catering service, can help set up such a lunch program.

Dependency on coffee

If the first thing you grab in the morning and continuously all day is copious amounts of coffee, take note – it’s an unhealthy habit. Your body requires healthy nutrition in balanced proportions and starting your day with a cup of coffee on an empty stomach is disastrous to the digestive system. Yes, coffee is a good stimulant for mental alertness at work if taken in moderation at the right times, preceded by a healthy breakfast.

Consider a breakfast rich in vegetables, protein, healthy fats from avocado, spinach, and omelet to start your working day energized. A cup of coffee an hour or more later and after a hearty lunch is the healthy way to go.

Office chair addiction

Sitting continuously at your desk without standing breaks now and then is an unhealthy habit you must drop instantly. Long stretches in your office chair can harm lower back discs, increase your risk for diabetes and the probability of getting heart disease. The daily sedentary behavior can also lead to weight gain compounding your health challenges.

However busy you may be, drop this habit for the good of your health. Practice frequent getups to stretch every 15-30 minutes to allow better circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back disks. This practice will save you from work-related body pains and stressed-out eyes.

Target and performance stressing

The workplace will always present performance pressures for employees and how you manage the accompanying stress can become a habit. Prolonged stress can turn chronic and silently compromise your health which is why many people recommend Delta 8 vape cartridges from OCN to manage your stress levels. Working under chronic stress and not doing something about it is unhealthy and needs an urgent rethink before you suffer serious physical and mental illnesses.

Develop a routine to help you cope while eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Speak out to management and request adjustments in routine, workload, or performance targets to ease the danger of chronic stress.

Taking work home and skipping vacation

Taking work home and skipping vacations when due is an unhealthy habit quite harmful to your health and wellbeing. Extending work to your home and not taking vacation days leads to extreme exhaustion, insomnia, and a high probability of suffering heart attacks.

Keep office work at the office, strictly use office hours, and take a long vacation break to reenergize and keep healthy. Learn to separate your office work from your personal space and plan your schedules in a way that respects these boundaries.

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