The last two years have been tough and people are talking about new year resolutions again. One of them is to find out all the different ways there are to make more money.

Yes, social media is important for connecting with family, friends, and customers, but you can also make money through social media. Social media is used by millions of users across the world and opens up opportunities for businesses to allow customers to maximize the income of their business.

Choose a good podcast host

There are literally millions of podcast episodes and shows that cover every topic you can think of. But how do you get your target audience to listen and how do you promote a podcast on social media? There are various ways to market your podcast and social media is one. But you have to know which social media platform your audience is hanging out on.

Social media is ideal for advertising your podcast and connecting with your audience. It can be an excellent tool for monetizing your podcast. It is important to choose a good podcast host and Libsyn is one of the best podcast hosting platforms. How to start a podcast is explained simply on their website, providing you with the tools to succeed. Plans are tiered to meet your budget.

Be an influencer

You may be one of these people who has a strong following on social media. You’re able to influence people one way or the other because of your authority or knowledge on a topic. Influencers are looked upon as marketing tools (view to get to know more about the ways to use these marketing tools) and brands use influencers to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

Perhaps you’re an influencer and you want to monetize your influence and earn bucks on one of the social media platforms. How an influencer gets paid depends on the social platforms where the influencer operates. Some of the ways they can make money is through affiliate marketing, photo and video sales, acting as a brand representative, promoting their own stuff, and through sponsored posts.

Affiliate marketing

You earn a commission with affiliate marketing by promoting a product or service belonging to somebody else. If you’re able to achieve what the retailer wants, as an affiliate partner, you receive a certain amount for providing the result they want.

Most times, affiliate programs are free to join and it can turn out to be a profitable way to earn money on social media. Affiliates, too, don’t even have to have a well-known blog to promote products.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook is a fantastic networking tool and you can find jobs by hanging out in the right groups. Facebook groups is a tool to sell products and you create a group around a particular interest. People join the group and it helps them by forming a community and sharing. LinkedIn too is a useful tool for earning money on social media. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile is important for finding high-paying work.

With millions of users around the world, you have the chance to make good money as a freelancing expert on LinkedIn. The social media platform has opened its publishing platform and anyone can blog and make money through them. Share your post on LinkedIn and be prepared to share it several times to cater to those logged in at different times.

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