“I tend to avoid things that make me look fat,” says a funny internet quote, “Hence, I avoid scales, mirrors, and photographs.” Obesity is a global problem, and over 60% of the current young workforce is at the risk of getting obese within the next decade. Over 40% of the human population above 45 is already overweight, creating serious health risks.

Long working hours

Long working hours ranging till late night contribute significantly to obesity as the human body is designed to move frequently and indulge in physical activities. Sitting in the wrong posture before the system for 10 to 12 hours a day puts enormous pressure on the hip muscles. The absence of physical activity creates a sagging belly for several people even before turning 25.

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Too tired to exercise 

Late working hours disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm as they do not get enough sleep or sleep in the wrong hours of the day. The body becomes exhausted because of lack of sleep, and the remaining energy gets usually used to meet job targets. The youngsters working till late night every day hardly have the urge to exercise or indulge in any physical activity because of extreme tiredness.

Constant neglect of exercise for months or years leads to fat accumulation. The weight gain is evident in a couple of years. Fat starts accumulating in the belly, hips, thighs, and hands for most youngsters, and it is not easy to get rid of the excess weight quickly.

Binge eating to avoid stress 

Late working hours leave the employees tired and less productive, creating a high-stress level. They start to snack on sugary or spicy items, causing obesity in the long run. Stress eating is well known to most remote workers and late-night workers in general. The long working hours and disturbed sleep patterns make them tired and not interested in cooking good food.

They eat what they get, mostly takeaway food or fast food, because they want to snack quickly and get back to work. Such people do not have the time to prepare, sit down and enjoy elaborate healthy meals. They munch on snacks constantly to overcome work stress, and skipping healthy food because of overwork leads to obesity.In such cases it is always better to hop over lifestyle info as it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of physical activities 

Late night work and overwork do not allow people to indulge in other forms of physical activities like going out for a walk. They often skip going to markets, parks, or spending time outdoors and depend on digital entertainment devices. The complete lack of physical activity leads to weight gain within a few months.

Even simple activities like washing the car, using the steps, or indulging in some hobby like swimming will help maintain physical fitness. But late-night workers often join various fitness clubs and seldom use their membership to play physical games. The numerous online home delivery facilities and online shopping enable them to get everything delivered to the doorstep.

Negligence of health 

Most working people have good awareness about various types of diet, and the internet gets filled with numerous weight loss exercises. But they are negligent towards their health due to excess work pressure and long working hours. They dedicate all the energy and time to completing their assigned task on time and start the same routine the next day.

Though it is possible to live healthily, most people are negligent and fail to take mild weight gain seriously until they become extremely obese. The carelessness leads to weight gain and other health issues like cardiac problems and diabetes within a short time.



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