You can make happy family memories this festive season with things that will keep you and your kids entertained. Of course, you will also want a list of tasty treats to ensure snacks and refreshments throughout the party.

There are so many riveting events that can be planned for a kid’s festive season party that will ensure fun, laughs and action. You literally have a wealth of entertainment choices right at your fingertips.

Never be caught with tech glitches

Christmas, the end of the year and the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Kids know too well that it means sweet treats while they watch Christmas movies on Netflix or Discovery Plus. It can upset your plans when you’re all settled down with hot chocolate to watch movies and nothing works. When it’s the festive season and everyone’s at home, you can’t be having tech glitches that put all your plans on hold.

It’s why Errorwise is always busy over the festive period. You can ask them any tech questions and their experts sort your issues out in a jiffy. To make sure you have support around the clock, they have partnered with JustAnswer. This ensures you get 24/7 online support for every tech problem you face. They ensure that any irritating interruptions are quickly sorted so you and the kids can get on with having the time of your life.

Hire a Juggler

Maybe you’ve taught your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees and that they must be creative with coming up with their own entertainment. But still, if you have a bit of money and you’re hosting a festive season party for your kids and their friends, why not amaze and dazzle your children and hire a juggler?

Wildly entertaining, the juggler knows how to make a fuss of children who will be entertained with magic tricks and hilarious situations. Like a magnet, the mesmerizing act will attract children and adults alike. The juggler draws the kids in and some kids will even be called up to ‘assist’ the jugglers with the act. These juggling acts include great costumes, balls, shimmering scarves and rings that promise to amaze and delight.

Theme Party Decor

Festive season parties are always fun simply because you can let your imagination run wild. One of the fun aspects of throwing a theme party is finding the secret to decorating. Pops of color and a mix of quirky entertainment will ensure the perfect festive party. Event decor for a festive season party will include lots of crackers and pine cones painted by your kids.

Of course, you can hand over the decorations and planning to party decor experts. They will come up with all kinds of exciting crackers, place mats, painted tablecloths and bright lights to set the scene.

Scavenger hunt

One of the exciting games to play to make the holiday fun extra special is to arrange a scavenger hunt for your festive season party. It’s such a popular game for younger kids with many versions. Buy just two cool gifts and hide them, making it quite difficult so that it takes a while to find them.

Before they start hunting for the gifts, explain to the kids that if no one finds them, they will be donated to children in need. That is the spirit of Christmas – giving. Only allow a certain time for the gifts to be found. That’s the purpose of the timer.

Festive season bake-athon

Send everyone home after the party with a red sock full of homemade festive treats. They don’t all have to be baked. The kids will have a whale of a time standing around a table making the treats.

Some of them are as easy as making a festive snowman with two white marshmallows, chocolate sticks and other edible foods to make eyes and mouths from. You can make your own Christmas Candy Tree packed full of chocolate goodies and allow the kids to take one as they leave to go back home.

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