Homeschooling is the first choice of several parents after the pandemic, and there is a broad discussion about the topic in numerous patenting forums. The most significant concern most parents have about homeschooling is making their children obey them.

It is not easy making an uncooperative kid do homework, learn tables and write pages. Make use of these exciting ways to teach your children through homeschooling.

Ignite interest to learn

Kids are generally eager to learn and explore, and the parents should encourage the natural learning process, which will kindle them to learn further using books. Igniting the interest to learn for children is the first thing parents need to do to get cooperation from their children.

If your toddler refuses to count, or learn their alphabets, ask them to bring three or five Lego blocks from their room. When they struggle to count, tell them it is helpful to learn.

Teach them to count or other forms of learning using playthings and everyday objects in the houses like plates and toys instead of textbooks. Visit to get valuable counseling regarding effective parenting.

Educate in different places 

Kids get alarmed with their books, portions, and test in most cases, causing them to revolt, thinking they can never do it. Always encourage them to take simple small steps at a time.

Take them to the terrace to look at the sky while reciting the rhymes, visit the garden to learn science, and climb the steps while learning to count. Take them to the local museum or park for a change, to conduct the daily lessons.

Make them observe their surroundings, learn and explore together and make them attend the class in a unique environment. Zoo, libraries, and local tourist attractions will make them learn eagerly as learning doesn’t prohibit them from playing but is incorporated with playing and exploring.

Set clear expectations 

Always be in control as a parent and set clear expectations and boundaries. Tell your child they have to learn the words or finish a lesson before going home. Running around the park and getting too tired to write won’t help and prevent more such trips.

Exploring the museum is interesting, but it will happen after the history homework gets finished. Kids like given tasks to finish, and they strive hard to impress the parent to get a star or a reward in the form of an outing. Training them to do things expected them from without quitting or making up excuses is essential.

Overcome issues together 

Ask your child why they refuse to wake up early in the morning, and discuss reasons. Set an early bedtime and limit screen time with their consent, and don’t accept any excuse if they wake up late the following day.

Older kids often skip their homework due to excess procrastination and spend their time with smartphones or other gadgets. Limit the internet connectivity, mobile data, and set screen lock on the devices they use, discussing with the kids how it affects their schoolwork. Make them finish their chores and earn the right to their entertainment and praise them profusely once they do it.

Handling yelling and tantrums 

Don’t let your child’s tantrums make you lose control, as they will start playing with your emotions easily. Tell them you understand they are angry and will wait till they calm down to reason.

Summarize their view saying, “I understand you hate memorizing the 8th multiplication table,” and ask them to whisper it back to you or tell you the same in a calm tone. Whispering or changing tone often changes the mood for the child, after which you must teach them to tackle the problem in bits. Ask them to memorize just three lines of the table, take a 5 mins break and recall it. Praise them when they do it easily and continue with the cycle.

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