Nov. 3

The monster outside coasting schooner Mayflower, the largest sailing craft that has ever entered the local port, is in with a cargo of alfalfa hay for local dealers. She is a round-bottomed vessel with spacious cabins and staterooms and was for  years on the coasting trade and is not to be classed with the scows which visit here. Also the schooner H. Bendell is discharging lumber for the box factory and the Adele Hobson is in with a full cargo of oil and gasoline. The tug Roy B. arrived here Saturday bringing in a big barge loaded with feed for the Golden Eagle Milling Company. The gasoline sloop Miduena is in on he regular trip and the schooner Theodore Roosevelt is discharging feed for the Golden Eagle. The Wavelet is in with salt for local dealers. D. Clausen of Fair Street on Saturday took delivery of a 1914 model Overland touring car through Thomas and Bauer Agency of this city. Mr. Clausen has disposed of his auto milk wagon to the local agency as in future he will deliver milk by team.

Tomorrow will be an unusually elaborate tea for the Woman’s Club. An unusually attractive program has been arranged and each member is expected to take to the club rooms a photograph of herself from her juvenile days. These pictures will be the motif for a decidedly interesting game which will be enjoyed. The meeting promises to be largely attended.

P. Ramatici, who resides on the old Schlake Ranch below this city just across the Marin County line, has been missing some of his pet turkeys of late and a close watch made him believe an eagle was responsible. On Sunday a monster eagle appeared and was circling over the birds. He ran for his rifle, took aim and killed the bird. He states he was fully half a mile away from the eagle and, being modest, admits it was a “scratch” shot and he could not repeat the performance. By a strange freak, he stood in Marin County and killed the eagle in Sonoma County. It was a beautiful specimen of golden eagle, standing over 3 feet high and measuring 7 feet 9 inches from wingtip to wingtip. It was shipped to W. Hackmeier of San Francisco, a skilled taxidermist. The eagle has killed many turkeys and other fowl and the resident are glad it has been destroyed.

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