Handkerchiefs are always an acceptable gift. Our stock of handkerchiefs for women, men and children is the largest and finest in the city.

What would make a more acceptable and useful Christmas gift than an EZ Vacuum Carpet Sweeper, $12.50, $1 down and $1 a week? Healey Furniture Co.

Kodaks for grownups and Brownies for children – Schluckebier Hardware Company.

There isn’t a woman anywhere who wouldn’t be more than delighted to receive a Victor-Victrola on Christmas. Don’t longer deny your family the pleasure derived from this musical instrument. Central Music House, 139 Main St.

Somebody somewhere would be most pleased with a good photo of you. Xmas is but a few days off, but we are equipped to furnish photos now on short notice. We guarantee better photos than you can get anywhere else, even if the setting is made at night. Wayne, the leading studio.

The new Paris Tam, all the rage, at the Bon Ton Millinery.

For your holiday baking, use Biscola, the best shortening. Contains more butterstock than any other. A California product.

Delightful Derma Viva, the ideal powder, makes red, brown or dark face, hands or arms as white as milk and no one can tell you have it on. Price 50¢. Sold at Towne Drug.

Gifts for everybody, a good assortment to select from: Toys, the most fascinating including dollies, mechanical toys, electrical toys. Sporting goods for boys and men. China, a beautiful line. Pictures of extra value artistically, and low priced. Colgate’s full line of toilet articles. Books for everybody. Christmas cards and calendars are a most attractive  line, carefully selected. The Square, 117 Main St.

Lean back in this old leather chair, for mother, for father, for the family. Can you think of a nicer gift than a chair? Many a man grown lets fancy carry him back to mother’s knee – but it’s no use thinking of mother’s knee, the old swimming hole or pumpkin pies if you’re sitting in a straight-backed, uncomfortable chair. Comfort comes from comfortable positions of the body. These chairs are not bad for young folks, but to grandpa and grandma, father and mother, one would mean lots of solid comfort and pleasure. The old folks are not with you forever: why not gladden their lives now and here? Let us show you the comforts of these big roomy chairs. Or cheer someone and brighten the home with a new rug for Xmas, a very useful gift. We have all sizes and prices. A sewing machine, perhaps, something to remind her of the giver every day in the year Stone Furniture Company, 114-116 Main St.

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