The foregoing extracts from the news and editorial columns of the newspapers (editor’s note: there were none) have been selected almost at random and, numerous as they are, they represent but a fragment of the innumerable stories with which the papers of this happy country are filled day by day. Aren’t they splendid stories? Can any American read them without a thrill of pride and satisfaction?

And when we stop to think of it, men and brethren, must we not realize that the concrete facts they present are of immeasurable more value and importance than all the theories, all the fine spun fads and fancies, that were ever invented. How trivial, how like sounding brass and tinkling cymbal, seems all the talk about “bosses” and “initiatives” and “referendums,” about this or that petty “issue,” in the presence of the splendid FACT that there is peace and plenty in the land, that men are busy and women are happy and little children are fed and clothed!

All these things have come to us under the law we now have, through the sanity and sense and wisdom of the great party that is now in power. Why jeopardize it all in a rash experiment? Why change for the mere sake of a change? Why take a chance when we already enjoy a certainty?

Why vote for ANYBODY but Taft and Sherman and the Republican Party?

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