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Signs of horse-and-buggy days remain

Greetings, Petaluma walkers and walkettes. Ready for another prowl? If so, you’ll need to set the Wayback Machine for more than a century ago, a time when automobiles were unheard of, when many streets were unpaved and watered or oiled during the summers to keep down the dust. We’re going to explore the last local remnants of the horse-drawn era, a time of livery stables and farriers, horseshoers and ostlers. A time of hitching posts and carriage blocks. For those… Read More »

Enduring Friendships: ‘They’re our friends’

Left to right, Hoot Smith, Alice Radtkey, Ed Hergert, Terry Radtkey, Jim Withington and Tom Barr were the guiding force behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaque in Petaluma's Walnut Park. (Scott Manchester/ For The Press Democrat)

Friendships can transcend death – the story behind Walnut Park’s Vietnam Memorial plaque.… Read More »