Truck drivers carry different types of goods, from hazardous chemicals to electronics, food items, fabric, and hardware goods. They make long trips that could see them drive from the furthest corner in the South to the furthest tip in the North. 

Many challenges go with long haulers. They often develop fatigue and are prone to accidents because they drive for many hours. Luckily, technology is playing a vital role in reducing truck accidents. 

Handsfree telephone systems

Using your telephone when driving is a major contributor to most truck accidents. The law doesn’t allow drivers to use their phones and drive. If you cause an accident due to distraction or any other reason, can help through their qualified team of accident lawyers located in every state. The lawyers will provide you with the legal help you need, like recording the accident scene details, following up with your insurer, and communicating with the police and court representation.  

The road transport authority advises against truck drivers receiving telephone calls or using their phones while on the road. Sometimes they just have to use their phones to communicate with their clients or managers. Technology has provided a remedy for using the telephone to communicate. With Bluetooth technology, truckers can make or receive calls without the need to touch their phones or hold them in their hands. 

Driver monitoring to predict the likelihood of a crash 

Most of the time, drivers do not go with anyone to accompany them on their journey. The driver is all alone in the cabin to their destination and back. The employer may not know what the driver is doing or what is happening to them. Technology is playing a vital role in monitoring driver behavior

The use of technology is helping fleet owners to know which drivers are speeding or failing to follow traffic rules while on the road. If the technology consistently warns the employer about a specific driver, they may require action such as training the driver or giving them shorter trips. The employer can easily know if an accident happens and organize with the nearest truck accident lawyers for legal assistance.

Autonomous truck driving systems

Autonomous truck driving systems are still a new thing, and only a few companies have implemented them. The system is not taking the job of a truck driver entirely. Instead, it is helping them to drive more safely. The technology is helping relieve the driver of the need to remain on the wheel through the journey. 

They can drive handsfree but take action when alerted by the system. It takes control of the braking system, steering, and throttle. It helps relieve the driver from strain and will take control of the system, warns the driver, and they fail to take any action. Systems might fail sometimes and cause accidents. The driver should not consent to take liability, but they should connect with the best attorneys near them and ask for advice. 

Danger avoidance technology

Danger avoidance technology is another tool that plays a vital role in helping reduce truck accidents. The feature may not entirely help avoid an accident, but it can help reduce the chances by over 50%. The technology is connected with the braking system to help bring the vehicle to a halt if the driver is about to get into a crash. The feature alerts the driver if they get drowsy or distracted. 

Lane departure systems

Sometimes accidents happen after a driver departs from their lane due to drowsiness. The lane departure system is programmed to detect when the truck is veering off the road or into another lane without the driver steering the wheel. The system triggers an alarm to alert the driver so that they can take control of the vehicle.

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