The greatest problem in modern marriages doesn’t come from work stress or having less time to spend with each other. Social media is the new villain for marriages leading to unwanted comparisons, out-of-marriage relationships, and even divorce in some cases. 

Unwanted comparison 

Social media is mainly used to share photos of vacations, new cars, and other grand events in one person’s life. When couples see photos of affluent friends and celebrities on social media, it leads to unnecessary comparisons with their own life. It makes them torture their partner for a better lifestyle or try harder to earn more affecting many marriages significantly. 

Experts say women fall prey to such comparisons more quickly than men leading to heated arguments and severe retaliation. Visit to find a therapist to handle such marriage damaging issues caused by social media. Several psychotherapists and counseling experts have listed their address and booking details on the site, and you can view their exact location on the map on the site. 

Destroy respect 

Social media interactions often destroy the couples’ respect for each other when they find out what gets shared in the timeline. A posh officer can constantly share and follow silly jokes, while a decent family woman can follow several adult sites and groups. The freedom of anonymity social media gives is enormous and also extremely risky. 

When the partners find out about the quirks and secret side of their significant others, they lose respect for them. Several people express their hidden fantasies and desires on the internet, especially on social media chats, without any inhibitions. It often caused damage to successful marriages, which had lasted for a long time. 

Exposing intimate details 

Social media chats are becoming more dangerous every day as various scammers and stalkers befriend people and gather information from them. Relationship experts stress exposing intimate details about your marriage to strangers online must be avoided at any cost. But it is an everyday norm among friends in a social media group who have met each other and have no plans to do so in the future. 

These details can get used to blackmail you or make your partner feel cringy and lead to stalking in many cases. Such incidents result in blame games instead of working together to solve the issue and often affect the marriage beyond repair. 

Engulf time 

Couples must talk intimately, care about one another and express their love in every way possible to make a marriage last. All the time necessary to do such activities gets spent on social media, making the married life dry and digital prone for the modern couple. 

Often, both partners sit in the same room with their own digital devices browsing what they like instead of having a face-to-face chat. Couples don’t discuss their day, financial plans, and parenting styles as internet tips for everything get followed blindly. Social media creeps in like a third person into the bedroom, creating a huge rift among the couple. 

Increased infidelity 

Social media helps people connect with their long lost loved ones easily and keep track of what is going on in both their lives regularly. It leads to increased cheating and infidelity among the married couple as they start connecting with their exes easily when there is a problem in their marriage. They choose to connect with others instead of solving the problem with their current partner. 

Experts state most of these flings don’t last more than a few months but break marriages at an increasing rate leading to skyrocketing divorce rates. Marriage counselors advise couples not to follow exes and old crushes and keep minimal contact with them to prevent future issues. 

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