Knowledge Management software provides organizations with a centralized information pool that’s always accessible, updated, and useful in generating valuable insights for different users. Its users can access them anywhere, anytime, and from any device. These knowledge management systems also allow companies to create, capture, search, distribute, streamline, and centralize search information. 


Most businesses utilize these systems as a brain that allows them to access, process, and transmit data instantly. It’s also more seamless to share company information externally and internally. 


What Makes an Excellent Knowledge Management Software 


In most instances, your best option for knowledge management is investing in a dedicated knowledge base. An example of a knowledge base is company wikis on open-source platforms. You can set it up with just the server time and labor costs. 


The good thing about this kind of system is that it’s easy to use and packed with robust search features that allow you to gather and share information quickly. If you’re looking for knowledge management software, here are the aspects you should consider: 


  • Highly integrable with other essential third-party applications
  • Allows users to do content auditing and editing
  • Equipped with restore and backup functionalities
  • Supports branding and customization 
  • Powerful information search capabilities


To narrow down your search, here are ten of the best knowledge management software you can use for your organization. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). If you’re looking for one that can add value to your company, this is an excellent place to start. 


1. Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk is a customer support platform designed by the Zoho Company, a known brand of more than 40 productivity and integrated business applications. The software has the essential tools to make decision-making, agent productivity, and addressing customer concerns easier and more efficient. 


2. Tettra


Tettra is a content management and knowledge management tool ideal for modern teams to develop better business decisions in less time. This software is also created for Slack teams to assist their company in sharing knowledge, setting goals, and facilitating alignment for better and faster decision-making. 


Tettra also makes it easier for the group stakeholders to share knowledge through a seamless reading experience and a simple working in-app editor. 


3. ProProfs Knowledgebase


This software is a product of an American firm that provides online assessments, training platforms, and smart tools. Currently, its customers are prominent companies that belong to Fortune 500 like Cisco, Dell, and Sony. 


Their knowledge base software lets users make user guides, online FAQs, wikis, and other employee and customer documentation. These aim to improve customer support, enhance employee knowledge access, and reduce customer support tickets. 


4. KnowledgeOwl


KnowledgeOwl is highly-customizable customer support and knowledge base software created to help stakeholders build and develop software documentation, manuals, and sites. It also allows users to make their own easy-to-navigate, robust, and secure knowledge resources to keep every team member on the same page. 


5. Inkling Knowledge


Inkling Knowledge covers the entire knowledge spectrum, including storage, creation, and measurement distribution, in an easy-to-use, all-inclusive platform. It modernized getting work done and placing the correct information into the workforce. With this tool, people who need the data can access it at any time. 


6. Helpjuice


Helpjuice is a knowledge base and customer support software created from scratch. The main purpose of this tool is to give users all the necessary functionalities to manage content. It also comes with numerous styling and customization tools which allow users to create answers immediately and effectively. 


7. Guru


This software aims to help customer service groups be more up-to-date, confident, and consistent with fact-based and reliable knowledge easily accessible in all kinds of applications. 


8. Bloomfire


Bloomfire is a kind of collaboration and knowledge management software designed to help users share and find information all across the company. Its creators aim to erase information silos, democratize data, and ensure that every member and stakeholder is on the same page. 


9. Bitrix24


This knowledge management software is a complete suite of management, communication, and social collaboration tools for different teams within the organization. Aside from this, this software also offers more than 35 tools to improve how the teams collaborate. 


The software features are mobile capabilities, HR tools, mail server, calendars, document management, social network, telephony, video, chat, CRM, project and task management, and company drive. 


10. Atlassian Confluence


Confluence is a product designed and marketed by Atlassian, a leading business solutions maker. It came from the same company as Trello and Jira. 


Being a cloud content collaboration app, Confluence allows users to work together, share, and create projects in a single app. It is also equipped with a knowledge base users can easily access, organize, and publish. This is so their customers can troubleshoot software-related issues and help themselves. 


Know Your Needs Before Investing in a KM Software


This list includes powerful and productive knowledge management software that can optimize how you do business, especially in taking care of your stakeholders. However, choosing the right software would depend on your enterprise’s needs and requirements. You must identify all these before shopping for the proper knowledge management application.

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